Insurance Claims

Although you may be faithfully paying your insurance premiums, let’s face it: your insurance company does not make money by paying claims. Do you have damage to your home or business because of fire, flood, or storm? Any damage resulting from a covered loss under your homeowner’s or business owner’s policy should be covered under your insurance policy.

Your insurance company, however, may feel differently. Whether your insurance company denies coverage altogether or you have a dispute as to the amount of coverage, Hancock Law can help.

Florida Law requires insurers to act in good faith by reasonably paying benefits when a policyholder submits a legitimate claim. Unfortunately, some insurance companies act in bad faith and refuse to pay legitimate claims which can cause financial harm to the insured. This is why you need Hancock Law to protect your rights. To discuss your situation with us and learn about your options, contact us via our online form or call 941.979.5226 to schedule a consultation.

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